Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tucker's Story

Tucker came to us from Forgotten-4-Paws rescue in December of 2003. He had been abandoned in the middle of the night, in an outside cage in freezing temperatures at a local vet clinic. He was covered with Velcro so the rescue Angel who took him in named him that. When we met him, his new dad named him "Tucker" and the name is appropriate. When Tuck wants a full body scratch he "tucks" his head against us. It's such a sweet move that he always gets his way!

We foster puppy mill survivors and Tucker has been a God send to these dogs. Easy going, lovable and the most gentle alpha dog we've ever seen. Tuck is the one who first greets the new foster, taking them under his wing, teaching them how to walk through door ways, go up and down steps, take treats, where the water dishes are and keeps frightened dogs from fear fighting. He has been known to head butt a dog who barks too much or takes an aggressive stance. Tucker will get between two dogs thinking about squaring off and stop the behavior very quickly, he keeps order in the pack and makes us laugh every day. He is a great dog and we are so thankful Forgotten-4-Paws allowed this guy to come into our life. Every day with Tucker in it is a good day!

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