Thursday, November 6, 2008

Punkin - Absolutely, Positively, the Last Spoiled Royal

We don't know a lot about Punkin's history. He was a breeder surrender and taken in by WolfSpirit's Toy Breed Puppy Mill Rescue. He was to be transported to another rescue group but the day before the transport, the second rescue group decided they did not want an older dog that would be slow to be adopted (he's about 9 yrs old.)

Punkin needed to be moved so we picked him up anyway with the intention of fostering him but once his foster dad saw him it was a love at first sight. Punkin is a tiny little Pomeranian, with a really big attitude. He has about 3 teeth in his head and has problems with his right front leg. The vet thinks it may have been broken at some point and left untreated. He has this adorable little move where he backs into you when he wants picked up and he barks his dad out the door every morning.

He sleeps on the pillow at night and thinks nothing of chasing other dogs three times his size if they annoy him. He is as adorable as his photo and fits right in with the rest of the Spoiled Royals.


  1. While we can certainly understand failing Fostering 101 (yet again) we want to register our strong belief in the title of this post!

  2. He is my favorite but tell the others. heheheh ;-)