Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holly - Foxy Lady

Eight year old Holly was taken under the Puppy Mill Rescue umbrella from a back yard breeder in Ohio. We adopted her along with her two Pomeranian siblings in July of 2007.

She is our "Foxy Lady" and although she came into rescue as a frightened, skinny and unhappy dog, she has adjusted to freedom beautifully. She literally jumps for joy over the silliest things.

Tell her it's treat time and she jumps in the air with all 4 paws off the ground. Ask her if she wants a toy and smiles and hops will accompany her yips of joy. She is a happy girl who loves nothing more than to run, run, run in her very own fenced yard. She greets every day with a smile and reminds us what it means to simply be a happy dog.We have watched her change from a fearful dog not sure of what was going to happen next to a happy, bouncy, joyous dog who expects a belly rub at 7:30 every night and if we forget, she is right there reminding us.

It has been a pleasure to watch Holly go from a frightened, distrustful dog into one who welcomes each day with a huge smile on her little foxy face.

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