Thursday, November 6, 2008

Data - One Cat, Big Heart

Data is the lone cat in our home - born in 1993 and surrendered to an animal shelter at the age of 2 because the son in his original home developed allergies. Their loss was truly our gain. Data is everything you could want in a cat, tolerates our dogs with much patience and is most definitely a Spoiled Royal.

He's a great guy with a typical cat personality - he wants what he wants when he wants it and on occasion he wants our attention and will condescend to allow us to play with him. lol

He gets along with all of the dogs in our home (or they all get along with him) and has been known to rabble rouse now and then by reaching out and tagging a passing pupster. He has been known to cuddle in a doggie bed with one of his fur siblings and tolerates the occasional tongue licking he receives from one of the dogs. He has never been declawed but is very good about using his scratching post and not our furniture. He is the perfect cat in a houseful of dogs. Next to Tucker, Data is the alpha in our home and as any cat lover knows, rules the roost with a regal air.

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