Thursday, November 6, 2008

Callie, Our Shy One

Five year old Callie came from the same terrible place as Myla and even though she was only 9 months old when she was rescued, she still deals with fear and trust issues.Callie was adopted by a wonderful rescue friend who became ill and needed to place Callie in a home that understood mill dogs. Callie came to Camp Spoiled Royals in May of 2006 and while her Mom could have her back if she was ever able to take her, we consider this a case of shared parenting.

Callie loves the other dogs here and plays, plays, plays with them. She needed to be in a home where she had other dogs to interact with and she certainly has that here. She still has problems trusting people but will come to us for an ear scratch when we are sitting down, she will always take a piece of Pup Corn from our hand and she loves cuddle time around 9:00 or so at night when things are quiet and the others are unwinding from their day. She hops up on the sofa and climbs into my lap and politely asks for a belly rub. She is secure enough in her trust that if a belly rub is not forthcoming she will paw and nudge until I get it in gear. We love her dearly and get such a kick out of her playing with the others. We are confident that in time she will totally forget her first 9 months of life and understand that is completely a thing of the past.

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