Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sunny - She's A Delight

Sunny, also known as "Sunny Delight" is a doll. She was originally rescued by Puppy Mill Rescue during Awareness Day 2006 in Lancaster, PA and later adopted by us. Sunny came with quite an attitude, we later learned that her owner had died and a family member dumped her at the shelter.

A shelter worker said she believed Sunny was originally from a mill. She may have been but she had lived as a much loved and very spoiled dog and coming into a home with lots of other dogs was initially very difficult for her. She was snappy & snippy and not at all happy to have to share her persons. Over the past few years Sunny has learned to play nicely with the other dogs, she understands that 4:00 pm every day is her time for a belly scratch and she knows that no matter how many others are here, she is a much loved little pupster who will always have a special and unique place in our hearts.

She loves to go on walks, thinks going to the groomer is the best thing since sliced bread and is convinced that Pup Corn is the treat of choice by all discriminating dogs. The one thing Sunny has never gotten over is that she absolutely hates to have her picture taken!

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