Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Max - old, blind, ouchy hips, missing teeth - loved a lot

 Max was found wandering and lost in a town south of us. He was matted from head to tail, his teeth were in terrible shape, the whites of his eyes were blood red and he had a hard time getting up from a sitting or laying position.

A rescue friend sent an email and we contacted the people who had found him and said, sure, we'll take him. Off to the vet  for an exam, dental (he lost 9 teeth) and trying to solve his eye problems. Finally a trip to the opthamalogist at Medvet where he was prescribed 4 different eye meds fixed him up. No more eye pain and the whites are white again. He's feeling better.

We are working on his stiff hips but let's face it, he's somewhere between 15 and 18 so there's only so much we can do. We add Missing Link to his meals and hope that will help his joints. Time will tell.

He has learned our yard, can come in the doggie door, he handles steps amazingly well and he can use the ramp to go both up and down when the mood hits him. He has mapped our house in his head and is quite comfortable as a Spoiled Royal. (See photo above) We don't know what happened and how he got lost with no one looking for him. Don't know why he wasn't vetted, why his eyes were allowed to get so bad and how an owner could let him matt to the skin but we do know that is all behind him. He is now an official Spoiled Royal. So glad you are here Maxxy!

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