Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tucker. . . .

We adopted Tucker in December of 2003. Wow, 8 years. Where did the time go? Back then our vet guessed Tucker was between 4 and 8 yrs which would make him between 12 and 16 yrs old now. He's aging and it's sad to watch. He no longer chases the chipmunks up the rain spout or trees a squirrel. His eyes are clouded with cataracts, it's clear he doesn't always hear what we say and yes, he sometimes gets confused and we must gently lead him to where he needs to go.

Tucker has been the guide dog, teacher, and alpha to our many fosters. He taught Mason to go up and down steps, he taught manners to a Yorkie pup name Brutus, trust to Myla the Pomeranian, gentleness to Gaylin and somehow managed to convey to all the dogs that passed through that they were safe.

He was such a gentle alpha that it took a few years for me to figure out he was the leader of our pack. Tucker didn't bark or bite he was simply respected by all of the dogs in his pack. When Nikki, Tom's little  2 1/2 lb Yorkie mix, came barreling in one day and attacked each dog Tucker stood his ground. When Nikki ploughed into Tuck's side and bounced off, Tucker gave her a head butt that sent her flying. She learned quickly, in this house dogs don't fight. When Taffy had episodes her last year of life, Tucker would gently curl around her and let her know she was safe until she came back to us.

His joints are not as flexible, he moves slower, he is less the alpha and more the patriarch in our pack now. We give him glucosamine, Missing Link and Omega 3 supplements  in hopes of keeping him healthy and comfortable. What can I say? He's a great dog and we know his time with us is limited so we enjoy each day with him.

No, he doesn't chase the chipmunks like he once did, but he has his days. Sometimes he'll wake from a nap, go outside to potty and forget that he is getting old. He'll walk around the yard and survey all he can see. He'll go from plant to plant and hike his leg. He'll stop at the grist mill in the garden and dig for the chipmunk whose family has lived there for many years. On occasion he is still spry and perky, he lets us know he still has a lot of life to live. He's a great dog and I'm so glad he's ours.

Someone left him in a cage outside a vet's office on one of the coldest nights of the year. At least they cared enough to dump him where he would be found quickly, put into a good rescue and placed in a loving forever home. Whoever you are, thank you. Tucker has been a joy to us since the day he moved in. He is home, he is loved, he is ours and in typical Tucker fashion he forgives you. So do I. . . . .

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  1. Too sweet. Love you all. And wishing 'you', yoiung lady, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!! (((((((HUGE HUGS))))))) Love, kisses and prayers ~ Always, D and your BBB