Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Pug Puppy Everyone Loves and the Rescue Who Saved Him. . .

This is Scooter/Sir Digby/Pugsley/Cuddles/T.Rex - the adorable pug with lots of names and a heart of pure gold. He is being held by Mike, one of the Pilots and Paws pilots. Mike picked Scooter up in Tennesee from an owner who was unable to help him.

We picked the puppy up at the airport and brought him home until we could do a transport the following weekend.  While he was here, we started calling him Pugsley - the name just seemed to fit for us.

He has a few medical problems. His left eye is larger than his right eye and his left eyelid will not close all the way when he blinks. His front legs go outward at the joint almost like flippers.We took him to an opthamologist while he was here - for now we are treating his eye with drops to keep it lubricated. The specialist said one possibility is surgery to extend his eyelid so it will cover his eye when he blinks. At some point in time, that eye will probably be removed.

As you can see in the video, Pugsley has the heart of a lion.  He knows no fear, loves the other dogs and does not seem to know there is anything wrong with his front legs. He was here for two weeks and he stole our hearts. He is now in New England where he will see an orthopedic specialist as well as another opthamologist. His treatment is going to be very expensive and a small rescue with a huge heart called Just a Touch Rescue has taken him under their umbrella. JATR takes the injured, damaged, ignored dogs and works miracles for them.  It's a tiny little rescue group with a home base in Rhode Island and foster homes through out the New England states. They never ask if a dog is worth the effort because to this group, all dogs are worth the effort - all dogs are valuable and deserve to live as good a life as they can provide.  This is a rescue worth your hard earned dollars, this is a rescue that cares more about the dogs than the politics, this is a rescue worthy of a dog like Pugsley.

An additional note on Pugsley. . . . There is a youngster in his foster home who decided to take over the care of this adorable little puppy. Pugsley has teeth, lots of sharp little puppy teeth and he is doing what all puppies do, he's teething.  His new foster buddy has named him T. Rex. LOL If you knew this little dog, you'd agree, T. Rex fits him perfectly.

If you are looking for a reputable rescue to support, one who would move mountains to save a little puppy from dying in a shelter because of his medical condition, please consider Just A Touch Rescue.  Scooter/Sir Digby/Pugsley/Cuddles/T.Rex would appreciate it.

You can go to the JATR website, click on the paypal donate button on the right side: to make a donation or you can send a donation to their post office box at this address: Just A Touch Rescue, P.O. Box 610, Albion, RI 02801.

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  1. Thanks so much for helping this little baby! (and all the others you help Pat!!)