Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Rescue With A Heart. . . .

Every now and again I am privileged to help with a transport for a pup in need of a rescue.  We helped an injured, long haired Chihuahua get to a really good rescue on St. Patrick's Day. This precious little guy, now named Buddy came from an indifferent home to a caring rescue.  Buddy's owner told me she came home from work one day in November to discover he couldn't walk. She had no idea what happen to him. (Can you say BS!?) Anyway, she saw no need to take him to a vet because a friend who knows "all about dogs" told her there was nothing a vet could do.  (Can you say BS!?) This sweet little dog spent 5 months dragging his back legs around literally rubbing his feet raw until WolfSpirits's Toy Breed and Puppy Mill Rescue heard about him.

This is Buddy the day he was rescued:

As you can see, Buddy adjusted to his untreated injury with spunk and courage and lots of heart.  Robin, with WolfSpirit's has been a God send to Buddy. He has a cart (thanks to a very generous donor) and he is at Robin's for the time being learning how to use his cart and having a great time with the other dogs. You can read more about him on his web page here:

If you, your friends or even your children are looking for a public service project to get involved in, perhaps you could consider a fundraiser for WolfSpirit's Rescue. It's a 501(c)3 charity and they are a very small (but mighty) group. Tell them Buddy sent you. . . . . 

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