Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Laughs & naps

Around our house, it's very important to have a treat jar handy.  This one is on the sun porch. When someone actually potties outside, their treat is immediate. Maybe someday some of our mill dogs will "get it!"

Oscar and Gaylin thought it would be nice to try to grab a little sunshine while they napped. They love hopping on the back of the sofa and taking a nap. It also lets them look outside so they can keep an eye on the street outside our home. LOL
A gift from our youngest daughter Heidi. It's funny but oh so true! Here's a tip, buy stock in those sticky rollers, we go through them like candy!

Another Heidi gift. . . . yes, she is a happy and funny young lady. The dogs all love her too.

Nicki loves curling up on the sofa with her foster dad.

Do you think we need a larger sofa? Oscar, Gaylin, Nicki, Sweetie & Jim all conked out.

This gives you an idea of what it's like, "Goin' to the Dogs" at our place.

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