Saturday, June 28, 2008

Introducing The Spoiled Royals

They started as the dogs no one wanted . . . . one was covered with Velcro and dumped in the middle of a cold January night in an outside cage at a vet's office. Two others found themselves with no one to love them when their owners passed away. One was locked in a basement for 5 months the other pulled from a shelter hours before being put to sleep. Several survived years living in a puppy mill - one by one they started their new life in our home and secured a place in our hearts.

This blog will share the adventures and perceptions of a pack of dogs affectionately known as "The Spoiled Royals". Wherever they go, they inspire smiles, laughter and joy. They are a forgiving bunch, quick to offer a doggie kiss, a head butt or ask for a belly rub. Stop in every so often to meet the pack and see what they have been up to. . . .

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